This blog is the brainchild of Judd Robbins, who has won awards for educational services, provided instructional workshops across the U.S. and abroad, and who has been an expert witness since 1996.

Yes, that’s me. I scan the Internet regularly to discover the latest and best information of value to expert witnesses, both current and future. I also program what I find into displays on this blog of the very latest information of interest to expert witnesses. These can be seen in a variety of forms below, from posts to RSS feeds to email feeds directly to your computer.

I am open to all new ideas that will make this membership site an extremely valuable resource for you as a current or planned future expert witness. Post a comment or email me directly with any suggestions.
I offer this specialty blog with constantly updated content and information for your educational enjoyment, profit, and benefit. You may contact me at any time with questions about this site, or suggestions for enhancements. You may also email or phone or write:

Judd Robbins
2305C Ashland St. #437
Ashland, OR 97520

Customer Support Voice/Text: 541-708-1405
Email: judd @ juddrobbins.com

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