Free Expert Witness Video Training

Video Expert Witness Training has been created by Judd Robbins, expert witness since 1986 in the U.S. and the U.K.
They include 138 specialized videos that instruct in all phases of being or becoming an expert witness:

  • the most effective ways to market your skills to the legal community,
  • the ways that work for interacting with both attorneys and clients,
  • the specific new skills demanded of an expert witness in the preparation of expert reports,
  • the techniques required to prepare for depositions and to participate in them, and, most importantly,
  • the tools required to deal with the psychological and legal demands of effective and successful trial testimony.

Explore individual areas of importance in these 138 videos by traversing the menus below for the individual lessons.

There are 12 primary lesson groups as seen below. Watch all 138 videos in order to gain the most, but feel free to just randomly choose lessons by subject area and then watch the group of relevant videos in their own order:

Lesson 1: First Steps for Getting into the Legal ‘Game’

Lesson 2: Understanding Issues Surrounding Billing, Payments, and Ethics

Lesson 3: Methods for Getting Hired by Lawyers

Lesson 4: How to Successfully Work with Attorneys

Lesson 5: How to Correctly and Legally Conduct an Expert Investigation

Lesson 6: How to Construct and Write an Expert Report

Lesson 7: Understanding Psychology and Legal Tactics

Lesson 8: Preparing for and Understanding Depositions

Lesson 9: Frequently Asked Testimonial Questions

Lesson 10: Steps to Take to Prepare for Testimony

Lesson 11: Your Final Frontier – Successfully Testifying

Lesson 12: How to Minimize the Dangers of Cross-Examination

5 Responses to “Free Expert Witness Video Training”

  1. Alex Says:

    After doing the 12 month video course, is there a certificate issued that I have succesfully taken the course?

  2. Admin Says:

    Yes, Alex.
    ….. Judd

  3. Admin Says:



    do you have an accellerated program that is less than 12 months?

  5. Admin Says:

    Yes, Sandra
    And it costs less also.
    For $195, you can sign up for the CE Course (click the link on the right side of the page:
    then proceed through all 12 months of materials at whatever pace you wish to set for yourself.
    I’ll take care of sending you the course materials, plus examination, and eventually, the course
    completion certificate. I’ll send you my direct email address with the materials and you’ll be on your way.

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