Tommy’s Trade Secrets – How To Tile A Wall

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  1. yeoGlover Says:

    It’s a Ruby ts by the looks of it,not cheap…£80 ish but built to last.

  2. kris Lasky Says:

    thanks that was very informative.

  3. jovan covic Says:


  4. fieldsb99 Says:


  5. xxdjcharlierockxx Says:

    would this work on a painted surface? i wanna do my kitchen wall over the counter under the cabinets

  6. Perogam Says:

    Start from the base and don’t go all the way to the top.

    If you must go to the top, then start from top and make the cut at the base. The base is least noticeable and in most cases hidden by furniture.

    You will also need to check the angle of the sides with a long spirit level. A slanting will can throw a job completely out.

  7. Perogam Says:

    Its funny how you said at the start that “we are going to tile a wall just like this one”
    That scene was filmed after the job had already been completed. I wonder how many people noticed?
    The thing I like about your work, is that its clean. I end up with glue on clothes, hair and floor.
    Good job mate!

  8. Lisa Hoeber Says:

    There was a large spot behind one of the tiles with NO mortar! Every bit of the tile should have mortar on the back or it can fall off eventually.  Other than that it’s informative.

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