Massad Ayoob – 2nd Amendment Advocate & Expert Witness

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Mas Ayoob discusses many of his professional activiites, ranging from firearms training, Continuing Legal Education, expert witness work, 2nd Amendment advocacy, and competitive shooting. massadayoobgroup dotorg

20 Responses to “Massad Ayoob – 2nd Amendment Advocate & Expert Witness”

  1. drzmanproject Says:

    Booya, I like that!

  2. ghostwarrior1289 Says:

    Massad Ayoob, the God of Guns! The Ma n Who’s Last Name Spells Boo ya!!!

  3. TheHomeDefender Says:

    Another great video. I can just sit and listen to him talk for hours. Thanks! Aloha, J.

  4. vulcangunner58 Says:

    Good interview with a true legend…nice work drzman.

  5. thatsheepdog Says:

    @drzmanproject That is pretty cool.

  6. drzmanproject Says:

    careful, you might get hooked, lol.

  7. drzmanproject Says:

    hmmm, I know they rubbed shoulders a good bit. Mas has great respect for Col. Cooper, but also critiques certain aspects of Cooper’s approach. This one of the benefits of MAG-40 & 80 for the beginning to moderate experience shooter: Mas teaches his approach, but also teaches the history, and the advantages of each approach in different circumstances. Forms a nice context – a richer learning experience than “just do it this way b/c I’m the best.”

  8. TacticalHadoken Says:

    Something my old CS (Company Sergeant or “First Sergeant” as you say stateside) used to say

  9. drzmanproject Says:

    it is a conundrum, for sure!

  10. drzmanproject Says:

    and heart.

  11. charlesburton95 Says:

    You’ve gotta wonder if Mr. Ayoob realizes just how much of a living legend he is in the gun community.

  12. drzmanproject Says:

    As Zombie Tactics observed, video often doesn’t capture that side of him. I’m glad that came through. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. I, too, love his choice of words. You can tell he’s an author, and that he puts great care into the precision and clarity of his speech.

  13. drzmanproject Says:

    lol, indeed he is.

  14. drzmanproject Says:

    two is one, lol – Google let me down, couldn’t find your quote. . .

  15. drzmanproject Says:

    Yeah, one of the strategies he introduced us to was the Bridge Index, which need to really practice – helps reduce that time from the buzzer to the 1st shot.

  16. drzmanproject Says:

    kinda surreal, lol.

  17. drzmanproject Says:

    beast, thanks for rolling in on the comments!

  18. drzmanproject Says:

    thanks for watching!

  19. drzmanproject Says:

    He’s got a lot of good ones, plus countless magazine articles.

  20. drzmanproject Says:

    glad you enjoyed it!

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