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  1. Scott Beck Says:

    What’s that “other” gun at 9

  2. hunchbacked Says:

    I don’t believe in Oswald being the sole killer of kennedy.
    But I don’t believe either that Kennedy was a good man killed for bad reasons.
    I believe he has been killed because he had become a threat to US security because of the foul game he played in the pseudo cuban missiles crisis, in which he gave to the russians a way to blackmail him.
    This was not acceptable for the CIA.

  3. MrAACME Says:

    why not identify this guy? he looks familiar

  4. MrAACME Says:

    somebody should make a movie showing LHO as the lone nutjob he was…and then the boneheads would believe it….fact is you need to get less sure of yourself to be credible, when nobody knows for sure what happened, its incredible to me that the CTs are soooo sure

  5. MrAACME Says:

    wrong box?

  6. Marta Pirnat Says:

    the real truth and the truth teller murdered… why???? ask yourself… he was telling the truth this is why!

  7. MrDerekMullings Says:

    @garyleothelion: Aim higher, Gary. Who told the CIA to get involved? Who are the secret government guys who overthrow Third World leaders, profit from war and pick and discard US presidents? The CIA were ordered to arrange the assassination.

  8. Tarten46 Says:

    What Im saying is I wouldnt put much faith in somebody else telling me this man changed his story repeatedly until I seen it comming out of his own mouth. I specialy would be leary if the FBI or WC made the claim. You can believe in what you want. All I want are the cold hard facts of truth. Ive seen coverup first hand. Theres sinister shit that goes on in this land. You can buy into dancing dolphins and unicorn sparkles all you want.

  9. FieldMarshallZod Says:

    What on earth are you on about? IT IS DOCUMENTED FACT THAT HE TOLD CONFLICTING STORIES. Obviously to you nothing is valid unless it was documented on video. Any statements given to the police, FBI, WC and not videoed are invalid. I get it dude. Oliver Stone told lies in his movie, at least they got documents released. I guess what you’re yapping about here because otherwise face it, this dude lied or misremembered, embelished however you feel comfortable but he helped muddy waters not Lee.

  10. Tarten46 Says:

    If you payed attention this was recorded in the early 70’s. Running around saying the guy changed his story because someone else said so does nothing but muddy the waters and others to close their eyes to any truth. Which is exactly what the clowns that perpatrated the crime want.

  11. FieldMarshallZod Says:

    Finally, this was the 60s not the 2010s. No TMZ, Youtube, etc. Just because it wasn’t on film doesn’t mean it never happened.

  12. FieldMarshallZod Says:

    Btw this is a murder case. Sworn testimony is extremely important outside of lala land.

  13. FieldMarshallZod Says:

    If you fail to see the difference between saying something under penalty of perjury as opposed to getting paid to be in a video by a conspiracy theorist to say whatever you want with no penalty then what can I say? There’s no video of Oswald being questioned so it must not have happened? No video of him pooping either but I bet he did. No video of Marina saying she took the photos that I recall but even Jesse the Body and dozens that have interviewed her say she did.

  14. Tarten46 Says:

    If other video of him telling his side of it were available then it could be proven that his story has/hasnt changed rather than other people claiming his story changed. What does sworn have to do with it? You and I aint in court were looking for the mans story and if it has changed to the contrary over the years as you claimed. You claimed the mans story has changed. Either youve seen the story change straight from the mans mouth or your repeating that someone else says the story has changed.

  15. FieldMarshallZod Says:

    The point is you’re not going to believe anything you read. Apparently only videos where he didn’t swear under oath carry weight with you. It’s obvious nothing I can say will make a difference in what you feel like believing. I’m glad that courts and the people who do this shit for a living actually put weight on sworn testimony. Especially as in the WC’s case, they were offered the chance to review their testimony before it was entered but I know I sound like a teacher from Charlie Brown 2u

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