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www.youtube.com What were the “pre-existing conditions” of this vintage art damaged by a contractor? What should the contractor’s insurance pay for and what does the owner/collector want to gain from the repairs? Should the owner sue for loss of value though the repair looks perfect? How will the repair effect the value of the artwork? Art conservator, expert witness, legal testimony, author Scott M. Haskins is your expert. Expert witness testimonial: www.youtube.com Art conservation – restoration testimonial:www.youtube.com The work related comments below that are testimonials are not spontaneous; I asked to post their thoughts Art conservation, Expert Witness questions? Call Scott M. Haskins 805 564 3438 or faclartdoc@gmail.com Art appraisal, legal testimony questions? Call Richard Holgate 805 895 5121 or jrholgate@yaoo.com

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  1. Priscilla Matthews Says:

    This information (Scott’s book on disaster preparedness of artwork and collectibles in the workplace) needs to be in the hands of every staff member in every FEMA office in disaster areas of the country. He is THE expert. Dr. Bill Henriques, Public Information Officer, Federal Coordinating Officer for Disasters, FEMA, National Contingency Program, Public Affairs

  2. Teresa Ramos Says:

    Scott is such a gentleman and his office staff so efficient that is a pleasure to call them everytime I have an insurance issue to resolve. I know that I will get quick service and timely response in a very professional manner. I am also pleased to hear back from clients with whom I am working and how pleased they are with their interaction with him. He’s my number one choice to call on when I need an expert having to do with art related matters, even over a wide geographical basis.

  3. Tricia Gonzalez Says:

    We called Scott and his company to help us with a public art dispute in San Francisco, CA because Scott’s professional art conservation reputation is beyond reproach, nationally. His previous work as an expert witness spoke loudly of his professionalism and expertise.

  4. Alicia Welch Says:

    I called Scott to see if he would be our expert witness on a case even though he was on the opposite side of a lawsuit we represented several years earlier, such were his et

  5. Vanessa Cotton Says:

    Scott was brought onboard by our Los Angeles law firm as our expert witness on behalf of the federal government to settle a public art case. His evaluations, analysis and input resulted in a satisfactory settlement on both sides. His help was invaluable.

  6. Michelle Moody Says:

    I was the contractor that damaged the painting in this video and Scott’s professional way of handling this problem allowed me to quickly resolve the issue with my client in a satisfactory way to both of us. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

  7. Tonya Porter Says:

    We had fire and smoke damage in our home in Carmel, CA and were not getting good cooperation from our insurance carrier State Farm until we found Scott to help us. Then, magically, it all got taken care of smoothly. We were so impressed.

  8. Ashleigh Chavez Says:

    I’m an attorney and we had water damage in our home in Los Angeles that damaged murals in our home. After dealing with several clueless contractors I gave an ultimatum to the insurance company. They sent Scott Haskins to assess the damage who answered all my questions and was very straight forward in knowing what to do. His professional abilities were exactly what we required.

  9. Rhonda Wilcox Says:

    Our Washington DC office is presently working on a $11 million fine arts claim in NY involving smoke and fire damage and have retained Scott as our expert witness. We are beyond impressed with his expertise, manner and communications skills. He has provided excellent analysis, specific articulate information and in a timely manner that are enabling us to settle this suit as we had hoped.

  10. Keri Allen Says:

    I live in St. George Utah and had a claim with State Farm for smoke and fire damage that involved several works of art and collectibles. I was beside myself with frustration because of the idiot restorer that tried to fix the damage. Finally, with the threat of a law suit for the damage he caused, the insurance company sent Mr. Haskins who was able to return my artwork and frames to perfect condition and settle the claim.

  11. Ebony Williams Says:

    I am a fine arts claim adjuster for Chartis in Southern CA and called upon Scott to help us with a high profile client’s claim on a giant contemporary painting damaged in storage. It was a sensitive matter and Scott was the perfect professional for the job. His service is A1.

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