Cross-Examination of Expert Witness- Two powerful cross examination questions

Posted by Judd Robbins under Questions When cross examining an expert witness who has relied upon reports and other information provided to him by opposing counsel, use these two questions (about halfway through the video) to neutralize his testimony. In some cases, you can easily get him to support your theory of the case! Before going any further, please make sure to get my Trial Lawyer Video Tips email update (I hate spam as much as you and will only use this list to share new videos and trial tips with you. Your name and email will not be shared with anyone else). Also always feel free to give me a call if you would like help crafting your trial strategy, theme or resolving issues. I’ve been trying cases for more than 26 years and there’s a very good chance that in the past, I’ve had to deal with the very issue that’s on your mind right this minute. There’s no charge or ulterior motive. I just enjoy helping other trial lawyers perfect their craft! I also invite you to watch the other videos at my site and share these links with other trial lawyers in your life. Simply share this link: One last thing. I truly enjoy helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death. If you have a California case and believe my team and I can bring value to you and your referral (we normally can), please give me a call. I’d be happy to discuss all options and help if I can. Pursuant California State Bar Rules, my firm enjoys paying prompt and generous attorney to

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