How to Make Extra Money as an Expert Witness

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My new book, Expert Witness Training, is my 31st book. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a best seller like some of my earlier works. I have been an expert witness since 1986 and this book explains to doctors, accountants, psychologists, law enforcement personnel, and professionals in many other fields how to profit from their existing expertise through part time expert witness work.

Lawyers constantly require the services of experts to explain in simple English the intricacies of evidence that is presented in court. Judges and juries must rely on clear and believable explanations by experts for both sides of legal matters. Verdicts in trials, as well as the results of cases that are settled before trial, often hinge on the skills that experts bring into the courthouse.

Simple expertise in subject matter is not enough to successfully influence the legal decisions. Experts must learn the rules of the legal game and understand the techniques of attorneys on both sides, to effectively present and successfully defend their own opinions. Experts must learn how to avoid falling prey to legal maneuvers, tricks, and traps posed by opposing attorneys, in order to move from simply being an expert to being a knowledgeable and effective expert witness.

EXPERT WITNESS TRAINING is packed with practical instruction about becoming and succeeding as an expert witness. It features over 300 pages and more than 100 specific tactics for use by the specialist retained by an attorney as an expert witness. It teaches both the novice and the experienced expert how to think, act, and look like a confident expert witness. It also features chapters on marketing, the latest legal and ethical rules, and insider tips about attorney psychology and questioning. Current specialists can jumpstart a lucrative second career as an expert witness with this book.

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